Our parent organisation Human Ventures has a vision for a world in which each of us value the other, as much as we value ourselves. We develop and provide opportunities that enable people to change their world for the better.

Since 1995, Human Ventures has been using creativity for good by developing innovative and sustainable solutions to complex needs in the community, business and not-for-profit sectors.

We are strategists, designers, artists, educators, facilitators, videographers, programmers, producers, researchers, entrepreneurs, and social workers. Our tools include: Design (print, web, multimedia, video), Publishing (print and digital), Photography, Animation, Craft, Fashion, Music, Technology and Visual and Performing Arts.

Our creative approach assists us to hear and understand the needs of diverse stakeholders, create innovative solutions to meet these needs, and deliver those solutions in a sustainable manner.

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Creative and enterprise development workshops, supported employment opportunities, and community events to inspire and contribute to the creation of more vibrant communities.

Shockwave Program aims to develop young people’s skills in creative industries, enterprise development, and event production, opening up career pathways in Central Western Queensland.

The initiative involves supporting young people to explore creative and viable learning, career and industry development opportunities in areas such as design, performance, film, photography, dance, visual art, music, event production and coordination, and festival management.

Young people in the Central West are active, creative, skilled, confident and valued. Out of Shockwave Program, local young people have conceived, developed and delivered the Shockwave Festival annually since 2009. This includes creative and enterprise development workshops and the planning and production of the Shockwave Festival itself.

Mentoring and support for the development of micro, creative and social enterprises have assisted young people from the Central West to learn skills that help make their creativity sustainable. Currently, Shockwave Program supports young visual artists, photographers, dancers, DJ’s and event producers in the region to apply an enterprise approach to their practice.

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Artistic excellence, self empowerment, community and culture.

The Creative Tracks program works within the communities of Cherbourg, Woorabinda, Logan and Hope Vale to develop skills in dance, singing, music, video production and leadership. The program builds stronger communities, develops young people’s confidence and provides career pathways.

Workshops in dance, singing, songwriting, music-making, mc’ing, film, visual art, and creative writing are delivered in each community throughout the year. Young people participate in the workshops alongside professionals in the industry to create performance pieces and installations for their own community.

The program encourages the development of local talent, and builds young people’s confidence to participate in other community events.

Creative Tracks can also provide a platform to document local stories, foster participation in events outside their community and identify education, leadership and career pathways .The workshops also encourage the development of a forum for young people to share stories, yarn about current issues, learn new skills, celebrate culture and contribute in building stronger communities.

Creative Tracks works through arts and cultural expression to encourage leadership, confidence and community building outcomes for young people.

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