Facebook still owning online marketing

Unsurprisingly Social Media Knowledge’s (SMK) latest report indicates that Facebook is essentially killing it as the Social Marketing Platform of choice for brands. The report contains some interesting statistical information backed by some guidance on what works best for brands and suggestions for tools out there to help manage your Social Media Marketing. Here are a few interesting factoids

There are 13.4 million Australian Facebookers

Facebook has 46% of total global consumer brand social sharing

Facebook accounts for 17% of ALL mobile usage

In April 2014, weekly Australian visits to Facebook topped 117m (Sydney Morning Herald 6.5m)

The ideal interaction being driven by posts is between 100 to 119 characters

Questions in Facebook posts tend to drive interaction up by 10 to 20%

54% of Facebook Page posts in 2013 were photos

Video posts received the greatest number of interactions from Facebook users

And here is the full report Facebook Marketing – Best Practice Guide