Most people spend over 50% of their conscious hours in a workspace, the majority of these spaces are static white boxes devoid of imagination, character and stimulation.


At Human Creative, we believe it’s vital to feel comfortable and engaged in the environment you work in. It’s not just a passion of ours, the need for more engaging, colourful and creative spaces is also backed by a wealth of scientific research findings. It’s no surprise that innovative companies such as Google have designed their workspaces with these principles in mind.

We offer custom designed murals and environmental graphics solutions for interior and exteriors, using a variety of mediums, to help create spaces that inspire, engage and reflect the aspirations of organisations and the people that work in or around them.


Our Process



Our consultation process typically involves visiting the space and meeting key stakeholders to discuss ideas and understand requirements. We then take measurements and photograph the space/s. We assess if any preparatory work is required to make surfaces suitable for the application of artwork. We also discuss medium options i.e. hand painted, aerosol paint, flat coloured vinyl stickers, graphics printed on vinyl.


Our creative team then begins discussing, researching and sketching ideas. 2-3 concepts are then chosen and developed digitally. Concepts are then presented as artist impressions over the photographs of the space. A chosen digital concept is then refined and completed based on feedback from key stakeholders. The concept requires approval before application commences.


Flat coloured vinyl or printed graphics require a clean flat surface. If required we can sand and paint the surface with Teflon base paint prior to applying the vinyl sticker art to the surfaces. If artwork is hand or spray painted, our artists will set up necessary protective drop sheets and masking before commencing. We can also arrange to execute artwork inside or outside business hours.