Performance Strategies Office


Performance Strategies is one of Australia’s most sought-after leadership development and employee engagement companies with an enviable track record for building individual and organisational capability and performance. Human Creative was engaged to create graphics throughout the entrance and client meeting room at the Performance Strategies office in the Brisbane CBD.

After an initial brainstorm session to understand our client’s operations and requirements, our team began researching, sketching and discussing ideas for the space. The most promising and appropriate were then presented as artist impressions superimposed over photographs of the space for review.

Our client was impressed with our concepts and after some minor revisions, we were ready to prep and install. The walls required a sand, clean and paint to ensure good adhesion for the vinyl cut graphics. The vinyl was then applied within hours which reduced disruption and enabled the room to be utilised as much as possible.

Our solution was to reflect the company’s unique processes, provoke thought and liven up a previously dull and poorly lit space with vibrant graphics and relevant key messages. We also linked the entrance wall to the meeting room with the graphics to invite clients into the room and create a sense of continuation. Since installation, the walls have been a talking point for the company’s clients and staff.

Download our Environmental Graphics Brochure EG-Digital-Brochure-corporate