We are a multidisciplinary agency. The diversity of our team and skill sets enable us to reach broader audiences and produce more engaging creative work.

GD-01Green barDesign

We believe creative design is a strategic resource, not a decorative service. We bring research, innovation and creative thinking to all our design projects, from a simple corporate identity or website through to a national marketing campaign that engages all our skill-sets.

Human Creative specialises in:

Web Design & Web Development
Graphic Design
Logo & Identity Design

Green barVideo Production

Humans love stories. In todays multi-sensorial world where people’s attention is increasingly fragmented, the ability of video storytelling to engage an audience is unquestionably powerful and popular. Human Creative specialise in capturing and crafting videos for high quality output. We produce, shoot, direct and edit work for a range of outcomes including corporate videos, TV commercials, animation and promotional videos for TV and online.


Green barCreative Consulting

Creative Consultancy sounds vague, but it is the process of thinking outside the box to come up with solutions for our clients. We design projects that better engage your stakeholders and create powerful outcomes for your organisation. The tools we use include research, design, digital media, videography and community consultation or engagement. Among other things we are known for our excellent work with young people and communities.


WT-01Green barWorkshops & Training

We are great believers in capacity building. Our expert team of facilitators delivers training across a range of creative mediums so you can produce your own high quality content for a range of outputs including social media and the web. We also offer a range of workshops aimed at engaging and developing the artistic skills of young people.