Why You Should Care About Usability

Usability means thinking about how and why people use a product. In a simplistic sense, it is a measure of ‘ease of use’. How easily a user interacts with and interprets a system. It is most commonly referred to in the context of web and app design and use.

In a more detailed sense, usability is part of a large set of considerations that form UX design or user experience. This is a set of design principals that focuses around the needs of the user and influences the product accordingly. There are a number of design principles and best practice guidelines based on research from groups such as Nielson Norman Group which can really help when designing and refining a website or application. However these guidelines are constantly evolving as technology and user’s needs change.

Conducting User Testing on your website or application is perhaps the most powerful and comprehensive way to discover what is working and what needs improvement from the perspective of your audience. User Testing usually involves a series of 1-on-1 sessions where users are asked to work through a list of carefully prepared tasks (no leading questions). The sessions are observed and documented via screen capturing programs, audio recordings or simply noted by the facilitator.

If someone with no prior knowledge or bias toward the product interacts with it effectively and with ease, then it is likely to be a user-friendly product. Alternatively, if the user struggles to perform tasks, it is the facilitators role to document this, observe what interactions are taking place, determine why the user is confused and what they were expecting in order to perform the task. It can be a gruelling process if the design is poor but the result is invaluable information to guide recommendations to help better design and develop the end product.



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